Finalizer 96K: Latest software version


What's the latest software for the Finalizer 96K ?


The latest software is version 3.50 but only support is added for the new up/downsampling board. If you donĀ“t need these capabilities, software 3.00 is fine.

Software changes from 3.00 to 3.50

  • Support of the new PLL board which enables the Finalizer 96K to do sample rate conversion from any rate to any rate (44.1/48/88.2/96kHz).
  • If new PLL board is installed the function of three sample rate LEDs on the front is changed to show processing rate, instead of showing incoming rate.

The new PLL board/software 3.50 is installed from factory in Finalizer 96K's with serial no. 1214250 and up.

Units with the new PLL board/software 3.50 are marked (with a label reading) UP/DOWN. The label is placed both on the product box, and on the unit itself.

Software version 3.50 detects automatically which type of PLL board is installed. Only if new type of PLL board is installed an additional logo/picture is shown on the display at power on.

So, software version 3.50 will also work in old Finalizer 96Ks, but here will be NO new features! In fact, software version 3.50 will also work in Finalizer PLUS, but again - here will be NO new features!

An upgrade kit for Finalizer 96Ks w/o up/down SRC will is available: Item number is: 720210811, Up/Down sampling Upgrade kit.

The Finalizer hardware update needs to be performed by one of our authorized service centers.

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