Finalizer 96K: Limiter ceiling exceeded with dithering


On the Finalizer 96K I have the ceiling from the limiter at -0.1 dB and when I record audio back to my DAW (Logic) without dithering (24 bits) the meter shows -0.1 dB peak indicating the correct ceiling setting.

However, when I do the same thing with the dithering on (stereo) it goes to 0.0 dB. Why is that?


In your example, sample peak level of audio is restricted to -0.1 dBFS. However, dithering adds a very small amount of extra energy, thereby triggering the Logic meters that appear to show “0.0” as soon as level is above -0.1 dBFS.

So, essentially, this is normal behaviour and has to do with how the DAW measures sample peak level, more than it has to do with the Finalizer 96K.

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