FireworX: How to process the left and right input independently


Can I process the left and right input independently on the FireworX?


Yes you can!

First start with an empty preset by recalling preset 200 : EMPTY ROUTING.
You will need to setup a special routing on the routing page.

  1. Press the EFFECTS button
  2. Navigate to the ROUTING page with the ARROW buttons
  3. Place the effects you would like to use in the routing by moving to the location in the routing matrix where you want to place an effect (with the PARAMETER WHEEL) and than double click the effect block you want to insert.
  4. Now PRESS ENTER while that an effect block is highlighted to enter the sub menu. Here you can use what you want to have as input to the effect (L, R or both) and what as output (DRY WET for Out L and R). This way you can choose seperate effects for the left and right inputs of the FireworX.

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