FireworX: How to set up MIDI synth


How do I set up a MIDI synth in the FireworX?


The synth in the FireworX is monophonic, the tuning is slightly odd, but it will be possible for you to create some great effects with it anyway.

These guidelines are made under the assumption that you are familiar with the common menu structure & operation of the FireworX. For very detailed instructions, please consult the manual when necessary.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Make sure that the MIDI keyboard or sequencer is transmitting on the same MIDI channel as the FireworX's basic MIDI channel,
  2. Start with an empty EFFECTS: MATRIX,
  3. Put the Synth and f.i. Resonant Filter blocks in the routing matrix serially, with the synth first,
  4. Go to I/O SETUP: CTRL, and scroll down to adjust MODIFIER INPUT as follows: EXT1 to NOTE ON KEY, EXT2 to NOTE ON/OFF, and EXT3 to NOTE ON VEL,
  5. Go to MOD: MATRIX, and make sure that no other modifiers are assigned, that could potentially disturb the operation of this setup,
  6. Assign SYN1 CURVE: FREQ to EXT1 (this tells the synth to adjust frequency w. the MIDI NOTE ON key data provided from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer via EXT1),
  7. Assign SYN1 CURVE: OUT LEVEL to EXT2 (this tells the synth to start playing at MIDI NOTE ON (when you press the key on the MIDI keyboard or press play on the sequencer), and stop at MIDI NOTE OFF (when you release the key)),
  8. Assign FILTER RESONANCE: OUT LEVEL to EXT3 (this makes the filter act as a VCA to the synth, meaning that it controls output volume from the synth, w. the MIDI NOTE VEL (velocity) data provided from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer via EXT3).

If you want, you can place SYNTH 2 CURVE GENERATOR in the MOD: MATRIX below the SYN1, and then repeat steps 6 thru 8 with SYN2 CURVE instead. This will give you a monophonic synth with 2 oscillators - remember that you can select different waveforms by editing the SYN1 & 2 blocks on the EFFECTS: EDIT page.

The rest is up to you & your imagination - have fun!

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