Flashback Delay footswitch broken?


I bought a Flashback Delay 2nd hand. Unfortunatly the footswitch needs to be pressed more comparing to my brand new Flashback Delay. I also see that the footswitch on the newest pedal is only halfway up. The new device can be switched very very easily in a smooth way without a click. The 2nd-hand one has a very hard click. What is the reason?


This is normal. The newer Flashback Delay as every one of our newer pedals (all Mini series, Ditto Looper, Ditto X2, PolyTune 2, Flashback X4, T2...) have another footswitch. It is smoother and it has no click compare to the previous one. This is quite new from summer 2014 and concern all TonePrint pedals in standard size with the old footswitch:

Hall Of Fame, Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, Vortex Flanger, Shaker Vibrato...

All our analog pedals including Dark Matter, MojoMojo, Röttweiler and Spark Booster will keep the "classic" footswitch. (Not the Spark Mini Booster).

See for instance the PolyTune Classic (1st version) and the PolyTune 2. The Classic has the old version footswitch and the PolyTune 2 the new one without click. See the pictures below. Both are different from outside but on the inside as well. This is the same all new pedals going forward..

It's not possible to replace old footswitch with the new version. Both have different height in the pedal so it won't fit. Also the mechanics on the new switch are completely different for the new switch as it incorporates a switch with a piston and not a mechanical switch like the old pedal design.

PolyTune_1___2.jpg PolyTune_1___2_underneath.jpg

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