Flashback / Flashback X4: Subdivision switch appears to be faulty


On my Flashback Delay I can't hear any difference between the quarter note setting (mini toggle switch up) and the quart+eighth setting (mini toggle switch down) on the subdivision switch. What is wrong?


When the mini toggle switch is at the top position for quarter notes, the delay repeat is based on a quarter value. At the middle position, the delay repeat is based on a dotted eighth. The delay is a bit quicker than the first position for the same delay time. The bottom position is more complex because it mixes the quarter and the dotted eighth. The result is a "non linear" delay repetition.

If you suspect that your mini toggle switch is faulty, the best way to check this is to connect the Flashback Delay in stereo. The bottom position, quarter & dotted eighth will always produce a stereo delay on every delay type: the quarter note will be on the left channel and the dotted eighth on the right channel. This is not only a way of testing the toggle switch. but also a cool effect for stereo applications. (Please note that the subdivision mini toggle switch does not work on "RVS" (reverse delay) and "Ping Pong",which is a stereo delay by nature.)

A few users have been experiencing an issue with the stereo output socket, namely that the sleeve contact on the stereo output socket was not closing properly when no plug was inserted. The pedal then "sees" this as if there were a plug inserted and thus it routes the dotted eighths output to the stereo output. In this instance you wouldn't hear the difference between the top position and the bottom position on the subdivision selector. Therefore experiencing this could indicate an issue with the stereo output socket.

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