Flashback Triple Delay: TonePrints not available on the iPhone application


Why can I not find TonePrints for the Flashback Triple Delay on the iPhone app?


This is because your app is not up to date.

In order to update it, you must navigate to "Settings", then "General" and finally "Auto-Lock". Set this option to "Never". This will disable the Auto-Lock, meaning that the iPhone will remain unlocked and 'active' with a fully lit display.

You should then launch the TonePrint application, making sure that your iPhone remains on and that the TonePrint app remains open. It will then take around 10 minutes for the application to compare the version installed on your iPhone with the version on our servers. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection it could take longer, please be patient. The update can be done with a WiFi connection for faster results.

Once the downloading of the new version of the TonePrint app is complete, you will be able to see the TonePrints for the Flashback Triple Delay, Viscous Vibe and Helix Phaser. Additionally, TonePrints for our new bass heads, the BH550 and BH800 should also be visible not forgetting our latest HyperGravity Compressor and Sentry Noise Gate.

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