Flashback X4: Can I store more than 4 TonePrints on it?


Is it possible to store more than 4 TonePrints on my Flashback X4?


Yes, you can store up to 7 TonePrints on an X4. 

  1. Load 4 TonePrints on your X4 (one in each slot) using our TonePrint Editor and Librarian. 
  2. Disconnect your X4 from the computer.
  3. Save TonePrint slot 1 to preset location A, 2 to B and 3 to preset C.
  4. Reconnect your X4 to your computer and load 3 different presets to TonePrint slots 1-3.

Now you have 7 TonePrints available for your enjoyment. 

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