Flashback X4: My loops is cut shorter


My loop starts from middle of the part and the beginning of the loop is cut. What's going on?


First, you have to remember the max. time available in the looper section of the Flashback X4: 40 seconds of loop time, unless you are running it in stereo, then it will only provide 20 seconds.

During the recording please take a look at the "UNDO/RED" light, it will flash when the maximum time is reached.

So if you record a loop over 40 seconds in mono or 20 seconds in stereo, once the maximum record time is reached, it will return to the beginning and override the initial recording with the new one.

One thing to remember, your delay settings will be recorded with the loop. Check your delay settings before you begin to record a loop, because while the loop is recorded we only hear the dry signal. If you set the "FEEDBACK" too high for instance, you take the risk of unwanted feedback all along your loop. All the modifications on the delay settings will be recorded in the loop:

  • Delay Type Selector 
  • Delay time 
  • Feedback 
  • Delay Level 
  • Subdivision toggle switch

If you use these knobs in real time during the recording, you can access to some interesting special effects. If you do not want any delay effect on your loop, simply set the delay level to 0 by turning the "DELAY LEVEL" knob all the way down.

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