Flashback X4 & Triple Delay: What are the differences


What are the differences between the two pedals?


Both pedals have the same size/footprint and are of course both delay pedals. However, there are many differences between them. Here is a quick rundown:

  • The biggest difference is probably that the Flashback X4 has three programmable presets (A, B & C) whereas the Flashback Triple Delay features three separate delay "lines" (1, 2 & 3) which can all be run simultaneously. 
  • The Flashback X4 has a single delay "line" whereas the Triple Delay offers three separate delays, all of which run independently from each others' delay times and parameters. It is possible to run these delays in series or parallel mode.
  • The Flashback X4 features a stereo delay effect called "Ping Pong", which is not present on the Triple Delay.
  • The Flashback X4 also features a looper, with 40 seconds when running in mono and a 20 seconds when running in stereo. Again, this does not exist on the Triple Delay.

Both the X4 and the Triple are fantastic delay pedals. Which one you choose depends on the features you most require. The looper function and preset memory sets the Flashback X4 apart from its brother, but if stacking multiple delays in series or parallel is your thing, then the Triple Delay is the one for you.

Both pedals are of course compatible with our proprietary TonePrint technology.

Tip: If you already own the Triple Delay but are seeking the preset functionality of the Flashback X4, here is a little workaround:

Start by saving your own favourite delay settings individually on Delay 1, 2 and 3 respectively. When using one preset and wishing to change to the next, choose the foot switch next to this preset. Press on both switches at the same time. One delay will be turned off and the other will be turned on simultaneously. You will certainly need a wide shoe for that, but it works nonetheless!

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