Future support for TC Tools


Will TC continue to offer support and updates for TC Tools for Pro Tools?


TC Tools is a discontinued product, which means no further updates or bugfixes will be provided for it.

Regarding future compatibility between Pro Tools and TC Tools:

When Pro Tools TDM moved to Mac OS X, the TDM plug-ins were coded in the format called "Carbon CFM"; TC Tools 3.7 is therefore a Carbon CFM plug-in. From Pro Tools 7.0 and onwards, Pro Tools now supports the newer "Mach-O" format. However, Digidesign has implemented some support for Carbon CFM type plug-ins, so that older plug-ins can still be used under Pro Tools 7.0 (for PowerPC processors).

At some point during the Pro Tools update cycle, it is expected that Digidesign will discontinue support for Carbon CFM type plug-ins under Mac OS X, moving exclusively to Mach-O type plug-ins. When that happens, TC Tools 3.7 will cease to function under Pro Tools.

Furthermore, as TC Tools is not a Universal Binary, it will not work on Macintosh systems with Intel processors.

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