G-Card presetlist and list of G-artists


Is there a list of G-Card presets as well as some information on the artists who created them?



Steve Vai

Steve Vai isn’t happy unless he’s pushing his personal and musical boundaries tothe extreme. Whether he’s donning the hat of guitar player, songwriter, producer or composer, all of his projects share a common thread of intensity, making them siblings within a very eccentric family.
Following Steve Vai’s career is like winding through a labyrinth. The creative genesis during his early years at Berklee College and five years working with mentor Frank Zappa laid musical foundation from which Steve still draws upon intravenously. Within five years of establishing himself as a solo artist, Steve released his own independent record, recorded  an album iwth Alcatrazz, recorded two albums and toured with the veteran rocker David Lee Roth, recorded and toured with the multi-platinum act Whitesnake, and appearedin the feature film “Crossroad”.
The Grammy-nominated “Passion and Warfare” album released in 1990 broke all solo guitar boundaries. Combining beautiful introspective composition iwth unbridled guitar riffs, Vai drew his audience into a dreamlike yet accessible sound-world. Delving still deeper, in 1993 Relativity Records released “Sex & Religion,” a collection of songs written engineered, and produced by Steve featuring a band of all-start players including Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck) and T.M. Stevens (Miles Davis, The Pretenders). In March 95, Relativity released “Alien Love Secrets”, an EP containing seven guitar instrumental  pieces which have earned Steve a Grammy nomination once again. Between all of his projects, Vai has sold over ten million records to date.  

David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski

David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski has been twice hailed by Guitar Player magazine as an important guitarist to watch. He has also been enthusiastically reviewed by Musician, Pulse, Interview, Downbeat, Jazz Times, JazzIs and numerous other magazines worldwide. For the past twelve years, he has been the band leader and primary writer for the eclectic and highly acclaimed group, Screaming Headless Torsos, touring worldwide supporting two album releases. He also has two other current projects: David Fiuczynski Fuzetet and Strawberry Acid Lab. ‘Fuze’ has performed, toured and/or recorded with the artists Me’Shell NdegeOcello, Bernie Worrell, The Brecker Bros., Vernon Reid, Don Pullen, John  Zorn, Lonnie Smith, Bob Moses and many others.  Fiuczynski was born in the United States and raised in Germany. He returned to the U.S. for college, and was awarded a Bachelor of Music degree from the New England Conservatory in 1989.
‘Fuze’ currently lives in the New York City area.

22 - Blues Drive Delay
23 - VariSpeedFlangeOrgan
24 - Mutron Bass Pedal
25 - PhaserBass VariSpeed
26 - Power Sweeper
27 - Funky Mosquito Buzz
28 - Jimi's Cry Baby
29 - Woo Power
30 - Fuzy's ARPsynthLead1
31 - VintageARPsynthQuack
32 - Psycheledic Sweeper 1
33 - Psychedelic Sweeper2
34 - Real Auto Wah
35 - Flanged Cry Baby

Kerry Marx

Kerry Marx is a Nashville, Tennessee based “first call” session guitarist. He is currently the house “picker” on The Nashville Network’s “Prime Time Country” daily television show. Kerry’s session career varies from major record label releases for Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to Stage, TV and Recording performances with Shania Twain, Amy Grant, Keith Richard, John Fogerty, Neil Young, Santana and many other major artists and acts. Kerry has also played on many Live TV appearances and sessions and well as on a plethora of advertising jingles. He has also toured the U.S., Europe & Japan with country music artists like Johnny Cash, Ronnie Milsap, Jerry Reed and Ray Price.

43 - Tele Something Good
44 - Tap Swell In
45 - Pedal Major to Minor
46 - Syntharpeggiator
47 - PanningOctaveChorus
48 - Thin Surfer Dude
49 - Whales-Tap Delay

Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers lives and works in the New York City area as a session and performing guitarist. Adam’s live playing and record date experience includes gigs and recording sessions with artists such as The Brecker Bros., Gil Evans Orchestra, Bill Evans Band, Walter Becker(Steely Dan), Lost Tribe(co-leader), Gil Goldstein, Jack McDuff, Groove Collective, Tango Kings, Mike Maineri and others.

11 - Revvy Chorus Delay
12 - Basie Envelopes
13 - Revwapanic
14 - High Life Delay
15 - Subtle Jazz Reverb Delay
16 - Transwah Organ

INFX Productions

INFX Productions is comprised of two individuals, Roey Shamir and Angela Piva, who both function in a variety of creative and technical modes. Serving as album and movie soundtrack mixing and recording engineers; as well as also functioning as songwriters, producers and remixers for other album productions. Additionally, INFX’s in-house audio lab and studio serve as official alpha/beta test site to several Computer Hardware/Software, Musical Instrument, Pro Audio and Internet companies. Projects include remixes for Robert Palmer, Rod Stewart, Ashford & Simpson, LL Cool J, Sting, Roberta Flack(Quincy Jones) and Yoko Ono. Recent recording projects included Mary J. Blige, Naughty By Nature, Robin S, Next, Zhane, Groove Theory, Changing Faces and Az Yet.

60 - Miked JC120 Lator
61 - Miked JC120 Lator 2
62 - Miked Ampulator
63 - Leslie Pedal
64 - Pedal Board
65 - Cyclopanner

David Torn

David Torn hails from the upstate New York area. He was twice voted by Guitar Player Magazine Reader’s Poll, Best Experimental Guitarist in 1995 & 1997. David has played guitar on sessions for artists of k.d. Lang, Andy Summers, Jewel, Mark Isham, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jack Bruce, Bill Bruford and others.
David has provided guitar textures as a soloist on film projects for: Conspiracy Theory, Kalifornia, Airheads, A Dangerous Woman, The Chamber, Storyville, Reversal of Fortune, Short Cuts, Kiss The Girls, Romeo Is Bleeding and many other major film soundtracks. He has also produced numerous recording projects.

23 - Big Soft
24 - Play in 5ths Please
25 - Dark+Subtle
26 - Purty Sizic Shpace
27 - Slowfar
28 - Barroom Splatter

Michael Bradford

Michael Bradford is a musician(guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), recording engineer, MIDI programmer and sound designer, living in the Los Angeles area. His discography credits include Terence Trent D’arby, Madonna, Anita Baker, Spice Girls, Soul Asylum, Brownstone, Keith Washington and Jennifer Holiday amongst many others. Michael has also worked with composer Hans Zimmer on the Robert Deniro film “The Fan”, as well as with arranger/conductor Paul Buckmaster on numerous television and film projects.

35 - Dis-Orient
36 - Shimmering
37 - ECM After Dark
38 - Mellow Blue

Jerry McPherson

Jerry McPherson currently resides in Nashville, TN where he has done guitar session work for over 20 years.
For the last 14 years, Jerry has toured worldwide and recorded with Amy Grant as well as appearing live on the Grammy Awards Show, The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, and Late Night w/ David Letterman. Other session work includes: Hank Williams Jr., Barry Manilow, Michael Bolton, Reba McIntire, Bruce Springsteen, Vanessa Williams, Peter Cetera, Kenny Rogers, Take 6, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk and BeBe & CeCe Winans. Jerry stays busy doing sessions, songwriting, producing, gear programming, collecting vintage guitar gear and film scoring.

54 - Retro-Verb
55 - Talk Talk
56 - Pannergeist
57 - Slingblade
58 - Wow and Flutter
59 - Cowboys
60 - Head-East
61 - Swingphase

Frank Gambale

Anybody who keeps up with developments in modern guitar styles and techniques needs no introduction to Frank Gambale. From his days as guitarist with Chick Corea’s Elektric Band, through his eight solo releases, Gambale has displayed his style and guitar virtuosity in a variety of musical setttings. Although Frank acheived terrific notoriety as a result of his years in Corea’s groundbreaking jazz fusion group, the popularization of his guitar technique known as “sweep picking” has made him an influential player to both metalheads and jazzers alike. Frank, who originally hails from Australia, currently resides in Los Angeles where he is Head of the Guitar Department at the L.A. Music Academy. Frank also spends a great deal of time touring and giving guitar seminars worldwide.

36 - Guitar Trio
37 - Funk Rick O Shea
38 - Bionic Seagulls
39 - FazeTrem PedalShadow
40 - Franks PanWah
41 - Swell Strings Pedal
42 - Sweltering Pedal

Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil is the prodigal son of the late rock iconoclast, Frank Zappa. Dweezil carries on his father’s legacy as a rock guitar pioneer. Besides his famous dad, Dweezil’s guitar playing influences include Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and Warren DiMartini. In addition to three solo releases and a collaborative project with his  brother Ahmet, Dweezil has played guitar on projects for Tim Pierce, Blues Saraceno, Spinal Tap, Extreme, Sam Kinison, The Vandals, and Winger as well as playing on various movie scores. Dweezil currently lives in the Hollywood Hills where he continues to play, record and collect an impressive array of vintage guitar equipment, including a Fender Stratocaster that Jimi Hendrix set on during a concert in Miami, Florida.

43 - Strat Gotyer Tongue
44 - Stratocas Maximus
45 - Waffles
46 - Cat Bark
47 - Reverse Suck

John Jorgenson

John Jorgenson is a guitar player’s player. John is the founder and leader of the Hellecasters, a trio of virtuoso guitarists which includes the talents of Jerry Donahue and Will Ray. John is also known for his participation in the legendary country-rock group The Desert Rose Band, which included original Byrds member Chris Hillman. John is currently on a worldwide tour as one of the two guitarists in the Elton John Band. John currently resides in Los Angeles and lists his musical influences as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, Santana and The Cream, among others.
Born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1956, the multi-talented Jorgenson has been playing piano since age 5, clarinet since age 8, and guitar since he was twelve years old.

97 - Lots of Overtones
98 - Medium Phuz + Mutron
99 - Sweepin Repercussion
100 - Swirling and Wet
1 - Infinite Filtersweep
2 - Clean Tele + Vibe
3 - Alice Warble
4 - LFO Surround Pan+Dly
5 - Play 1 Low Note
6 - Jangle King
7 - Rich and Clean

Henry Kaiser

Widely recognized as one of the most eclectic and innovative guitarists, improvisers and producers in the fields of rock, jazz and experimental music, California-based musician Henry Kaiser is one of the most extensively recorded as well, having appeared on more than 140 different albums. A restless collaborator, who constantly seeks the most diverse and personally challenging contexts for his music, Henry not only produces and contributes to a staggering number of recording projects, he also performs frequently the U.S.A., Europe and Japan with several regular groupings as well as solo guitar concerts and concerts of freely improvised music with a host of diverse instrumentalists. Henry has collaborated with such artists as Herbie Hancock, Richard Thompson, David Lindley, Bob Weir, John Abercrombie, David Torn, Bill Frisell and the late Jerry Garcia amongst many, many others.

66 - Ambient Bloom 3
67 - Ambient Bloom 4
68 - Wonderful Life
69 - Talk To Me Fuzz
70 - FuzzFadeIn
71 - FuzzWahPedal
72 - Fuzz Funn

David Coffin

Sound designer, electronic guitarist, and harmonic channeller David Coffin came to our attention through his reputation as a prolific, imaginative and innovative programmer of new sounds for the Roland VG-8 guitar product. His effects credo is: “The effect should inspire new music!”, and accordingly his patches are almost always intended to transform the input source, not just add a “glow” to it. Multiple, real-time parameter modulation via foot pedals and input level is central to his current musical explorations, and explains why the G-Force has so captured his allegiance and imagination. You will hear this in his presets. Don’t try them without an expression pedal!

8 - Hillbilly Hippy Yeah
9 - Trancer Blaster
10 - The Crystal Cave
11 - Im Down There
12 - Echo 5 Buz Chamber 2
13 - Pik n Pedal Paintbox
14 - Hi5Buzz
15 - Trem-o-Verb-a-tail
16 - Vapor Trails

Lukasz Gottwald

Lukasz Gottwald, born in 1973, has played guitar since he was thirteen and attended The Manhattan School of Music for two years. Lukasz has played with artists the likes of Herbie Hancock, Michael Bolton, Phoebe Snow, Jack McDuff and Shaba Ranks. He has released his own 12” project under the name of “Kasz” for Rawkus Records, and has two tracks on a new compilation, “Born to I’ll” featuring The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, The X-Men and others. Lukasz recently produced and arranged the soundtrack theme for the feature film, “Mortal Combat”. In addition, ‘Luke’ has played with the house band for the weekly TV series “Amateur Night at the Apollo”, and is currently the house guitarist for the legendary TV show, Saturday Night Live. He currently lives in New York City and his favorite color is blue.

17 - Chicken Dust
18 - Raver Rezz Guitar
19 - Fart Jello
20 - Sexy Chicken
21 - Funky Pigeon
22 - Space Albatross

Michael Ciravolo - Schecter Guitar Research

Transplanted New Orleans native Michael Ciravolo moved to Los Angeles in 1987 as guitarist and founding member of the perennial gothic group Human Drama. Ciravolo left the band after the group’s two RCA releases to concentrate on producing and to launch his Trauma Ward Studio. Recent productions include releases by Shadow Project, I Found God and Drain the Doves. Michael has recently returned to the Human Drama line-up to record the band’s new live CD on Triple X Records. The band, including Ciravolo, are also recording tracks at Trauma Ward for their next studio release.
The guitarist also joined the British group Gene Loves Jezebel for their U.S. anniversary tour. Michael then worked with GLJ’s lead vocalist Michael Aston on live appearances. In all his “spare” time, Ciravolo is the director of Schecter Guitar Research, a Los Angeles based guitar manufacturer .... and is also working on Stun Gun, which is his duo with fiance Tish Carter.

50 - Piggy
51 - Vital Idol
52 - Ambient Stutter
53 - Wash
54 - Eno/Mono
55 - Spider Talk
56 - Visionary
57 - Bridge of Size
58 - Jezebel in Hell
59 - Spazz Monkey

Matte Henderson

Guitarist, Matte Henderson did undergraduate work at Simon’s Rock College, studying North Indian Classical, Balinese Gamelan, Turkish as well as traditional Western Classical Music. Matte was one of two teaching assistants chosen by Robert Fripp(guitarist for the group King Crimson) for the League of Crafty Guitarists Program. He compiled his MFA requirements at Bennington College while pursuing his studies with Robert Fripp. He currently lives and works in the Woodstock, New York area where he records and writes with a variety of artists. Matte appeared on the multi-platinum debut solo album by Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) entitled “Tigerlily”. He recently engineered and performed on two tracks on a Mercury Records project with artist Kinnie Starr, whose performances at the 1997 Lilith Fair Tour reaped critical acclaim from publications such as Rolling Stone and Spin.

48 - Hibandfunkatron
49 - HiQmuchron
50 - Methane Knee
51 - SquelchPappyPedal
52 - Neptune
53 - Funkadeliciousness

Michael Sembello

Originally groomed to be a jazz guitarist, Michael Sembello started in the music biz with Stevie Wonder in the seventies.
His friend was auditioning as bassist for an upcoming live tour and Michael tagged along, despite not knowing of any of the songs. To his surprise, Stevie recognized his musical proficiency and hired him on the spot (the bassist, incidentally never made the tour). Before being widely recognized by the world for his work on the Flashdance soundtrack writing, playing and singing the hit single “Maniac”, Michael had already established a relationship with such artists as Sergio Mendez, George Duke, Quincy Jones, David Sanborn, Diana Ross, Seals and Crofts, The Jacksons, Minnie Ripperton, Donna Summer, Chaka Chan, Kimiko, George Benson, Jeffrey Osbourne and many others. His current release is Backwards in Time which is available on Nippon Columbia records offers a mix of R&B, jazz and pop. Between conducting sleep deprivation experiments and awakening helices, he has also managed to lead the group, The Bridge which features Nate Watts, Daniel Jobim, Vinnie Colaiuta, Paulinho Da Costa and Edu Falcao.

85 - Martino 1
86 - Martino 2
87 - Martino 3
88 - SciFi Soundtrack
89 - Nylon 4ths
90 - Nylon 5ths
91 - Engulfed
92 - Sembello Blue EZ
93 - Stringy 5ths
94 - Backwards in Time
95 - SembelloPulse
96 - Double Mint

Sean Ballou - Soldano Custom Amplification

Sean Ballou has been a musician for nearly all of his life with wide ranging experience as a guitarist and guitar technician. After years of honing his skills building guitar rigs and working as a guitar amplifier and rack specialist in retail stores, he is now plying his trade building amp rigs at Soldano Custom Amplification, where he currently holds the position of Vice President.

39 - Groove Pick
40 - Metropolis
41 - Depth
42 - Animal

Sean Beresford - Mesa/Boogie

Sean Beresford has worked for Mesa/Boogie in the capacity of Artist Relations Manager for the past five years. Before settling down in Northern California, he was a touring guitar technician with the likes of Living Colour, Lou Reed, Ministry and Level 42. Sean has built many guitar and keyboard rack systems for artists that he has toured with in the past, and since working for Boogie has set up his own rack building company named Radical Rack Design. Since the inception of the company, Sean has built systems for Metallica, Neal Schon, Bodycount, Ministry, Testament, Vernon Reid, Rob Wasserman and others. As a rack builder and programmer, Sean says he recommends TC’s G-Force and other TC signal processors to his artists because of “their uncompromising fidelity and unmatched beauty of tone”. Thanks Sean!

1 - Run Like Hell
2 - Tremendous Delay
3 - Drunk at Sea
4 - VibroVerber
5 - Rhythmic
6 - Wah Octadelay
7 - Harmonizer Pedal
8 - Heavens Arpeggiator
9 - Hells Arpeggiator
10 - Aural Vertigo

Bob Bradshaw - Custom Audio Electronics, Inc.

Bob Bradshaw, the master builder of custom guitar rigs, established himself with his invention of an effects-switching system that didn’t degrade a guitars signal. Bradshaw’s anonymity was short lived, as raves about his switcher spread though The musical grapevine. Session players, whose work demanded noise-free sounds on command, were his earliest regular customers. Studio applications were fine, but Bradshaw always envisioned his gear as performance oriented. Eventually, word reached some of rock’s most dynamic players – Steve Lukather, David Gilmour, and Edward Van Halen. As founder and CEO of Custom Audio Electronics, located in North Hollywood, California, Bradshaw wrote a letter to us at TC about the G-Force. He commented,  “I must tell you, this unit really restores my faith in what a multi-effects processor should be able to do! The sound quality and especially the control capabilities are the best I have ever seen at any price.” Thanks Bob!

78 - Wahchoplexx
79 - Womanizer
80 - Two Tone
81 - Bob's Auto Womp
82 - Shimmer Without You
83 - Trem-O-Vibe

Paul Jackson Jr.

Artist. Guitarist. Producer. Composer. Arranger. Paul Jackson Jr. is all of these. Paul has been an “A” list recording session and live concert Guitarist-for-Hire for the best and biggest acts in the music business. His recording session and live appearance credits read like a who’s who of the music biz: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Barbara Striesand, Luther Vandross, Lionel Ritchie, Anita Baker and innumerable other musical legends. Paul has also been busy playing on music scores for films such as: “Tootsie”, “Nightshift”, “The Golden Child”, “Rain Man”, “Endless Love” and for television shows such as:”Moonlighting”, “Designing Women”, “St. Elsewhere”, “Heat of the Night”.
Paul also has composed, produced and/or arranged songs for Natalie Cole, Bobby Brown and Jermaine Jackson among others. Paul currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

17 - Philly Wah
18 - Rhythm Spread
19 - PJs Autowah
20 - Pedal Martians
21 - Instant Pumpkin

Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Justin Meldal-Johnsen is an L.A.-based musician/songwriter/producer who’s activities center around playing bass guitar
for artists as diverse as Beck(on Geffen Records) and Tori Amos(on Atlantic Records). Justin has been prominently featured in recent articles in Bass Player Magazine, Bass Frontiers, and Livewire Magazine. Always a “sound” person, he frequently uses unusual sonic treatments on his bass mostly reserved for guitarists or keyboardists both live and in the studio. The G-Force processor is in his rack supplying a broad range of interesting textures. He recently completed work for Tori Amos on her upcoming album, and is about to commence an Austrailian Tour with Beck to round out the worldwide success of Beck’s “Odelay” album. In addition, Justin is currently recording his own material for a solo project in his home studio, collaborating with the band Amnesia for their forthcoming single “Lingus” on Island Records, and collaborating with Ken Andrews, former singer/songwriter for the band Failure on Warner Bros. Records.

29 - Float Around
30 - Sweeping Saw Pulse
31 - Medieval Space
32 - Slow Vibro Sweep
33 - Alaska
34 - Corrines Shimmer

Trey Gunn

Trey Gunn, a native Texan who now resides in New Mexico, began his musical life at the age of 7 years playing classical piano. His interest in music grew through various instruments – electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, and now the touchstyle guitar. Trey has toured and recorded with many modern day masters in their fields --  Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, Michael Brook and Toni Childs. He is currently a member of one the most unusual bands in rock history, King Crimson. For his role in this configuration of the group(an unusual ‘double-trio’ line-up with two full rhythm sections) Gunn has helped evolve a new and unique instrument. Designed and built by Mark Warr of Warr Guitars, this instrument Is an 8-string guitar with the range of a piano. It can be heard in depth, on Trey’s recently completed 2nd solo album “The Third Star” on Discipline Records. Trey also is the leader of The Trey Gunn Band, a quartet including Chris Cunningham (also on 8-string Warr guitar), Tony Geballe(electric & acoustic guitars) and Bob Muller(drums, tabla & hand percussion).

64 - Sus4 Pedal
65 - Hope DDL Dynamic Pan
66 - 8va Sweeps
67 - Pedal+8va DDL Dynpan
68 - 8va Up Dynamics
69 - 5+8va Up Dynamics
70 - Chord Destroyer
71 - 8va Up Dynattack
72 - Pansquish Dynamic
73 - Rhythmic PitchAscend
74 - Pitch Mod Pan Sicko
75 - Wild Duck
76 - LFO Funk
77 - Big Soft Pitcher 

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson has been hailed as one of the greatest guitarists in history. While this might be a generalization, Eric does nonetheless possess incredible musical talent. He is a staple of numerous Best Guitarist awards, including Guitar Player’s Magazine’s Best Guitarist of the Year Award. As a technician, Eric’s virtuosity ranks among the Steve Vai’s and Joe Satriani’s of the guitar world. His tone, handcrafted to perfection, would put a Stradavarius to shame. Nonetheless, Eric Johnson’s technical feats do not make this musician; instead, it is his craftsmanship with the guitar that communicates his love and passion for music to the whole world. Eric is a native of Austin, Texas, where he returns home between tours.

62 - Chorus Groove
63 - Echoplex

Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid was born in England but spent most of his childhood on Brooklyn, New York. At the age of fifteen Vernon’s career as a guitarist began. Vernon, who attended Brooklyn Tech, had the opportunity to study guitar privately with jazz masters Rodney Jones and Ted Dunbar. When Vernon was not busy mastering the the “harmolodic” theories of Ornette Coleman as guitarist of the group Decoding Society, he spent his time gigging with a wide array of artists ranging from the pop producer Kashif, to the jazz-punk-dance band Defunkt. The group Living Colour began as a trio in 1984. Around the same time, Vernon and journalist Greg Tate formed the Black Rock Coalition. Living Colour released four albums, sold over four million records worldwide, and have won numerous awards including two Grammy Awards, and two MTV Music Video Awards. Since the formation, and subsequent disbanding of Living Colour in January 1995, Vernon has appeared as a guest guitarist on the records of many diverse artists. He has also been involved as composer on several feature film projects. In December of 1995, Vernon completed work on his first post-Living Colour record, titled “Mistaken Identity”, which Vernon co-produced with legendary jazz producer Teo Macero, and Prince Paul Houston, one of the premier producers of hip-hop and rap music. Vernon is still a New York City resident and is currently producing an album for Salif Keita, a phenomenal singer and composer from the African country of Mali.

73 - Ghost Heart
74 - Odd Ball
75 - What RU Laughing At
76 - Amniotica 1
77 - Amniotica 2
78 - Sarggasso Trenchcoat
79 - SnapSynapse
80 - ChorVyrbe
81 - The Big C
82 - WahEkoWahDelay
83 - Secret Missionary
84 - TheOnlyGoodInYOUisME

TC Electronic would like to thank all of the artists involved with this project.

Additional G-Force presets were provided by: Andrew Schlesinger, Michael James & Keith Wechsler, Craig Anderton, Blues Saraceno, Brian Swerdfeger, Bernie Chiaravalle, Matt & Gunner Nelson, Guy Defazio, and Tomo at Rudy’s Music NYC.

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