G-Force: How to simplify preset recall from MIDI foot controller


How do I make preset recall from my MIDI board as simple as possible?


When you create patches they probably end up in various locations in the G-Force user bank. Also there are most likely plenty of patches that you never actually use. Trying to locate and access the ones you use with the MIDI foot controller can be tedious and confusing. To make things neater consider copying the selected patches to a dedicated Memory card bank where you can easily find them. If you have no Memory card you can assign part of the User bank for this purpose (see the Utility section in the G-Force). That part of the User bank can then be write protected.

Depending on how your MIDI foot controller can be programmed, it may also be a good idea to make multiple preset copies of identical patches, one for each song perhaps, so that for each new song you can recall a fresh set of presets.

For example, if the MIDI foot controller is organized into different banks you can let the same G-Force preset appear in many banks (if the MIDI foot controller allows this). You can also make a long line of presets where each step on the MIDI foot controller's Up/Next switch will take you to the next preset (even if it means that the same preset will be recalled many times), leaving the rest of the MIDI foot controller switches accessible for effect bypassing.

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