G-Force: Will the Boss FC-50 work with it


Will the Boss FC-50 footcontroller work with the G-Force ?


We believe that this pedal in itself would only be moderately suited for use with the G-Force.

It does program changes, but no MIDI CC messages. This means no remote control of parameters in the G-Force via MIDI - only preset change will work with the board itself.

To compensate for this, the FC-50 does offer 2 expression pedal inputs, and 2 momentary (on/off) switch inputs. When adding these optional pedals/switches to your setup, MIDI CCs are generated on basis of the pedal input, and transmitted via MIDI to the G-Force, allowing for parameter remote control in the G-Force, via its external modifiers.

Obviously, the additional pedals are an extra investment - nevertheless, with the FC-50 this is necessary to obtain remote control over your G-Force, other than just normal preset change.

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