G-Major 2: Loss of level when using the delay


I have a problem with the global volume when turning the delay on and off on my G-Major 2. The global output volume looses a few dB's when the delay is enabled within a preset via MIDI. Is there a way to avoid it. 


The global level can be reduced by a few dB's (depending on delay mix setting), if the delay is activated within the preset, by using an external MIDI controller with a direct access button sending a MIDI CC. 

Users who only use preset change will probably never experience this problem,  as it is possible to adjust the level for each preset.

If you wish to activate the delay without changing presets, and you experience the loss of level,  you can use the workaround described in the video below. It is filmed and explained by one of our user,Magnus Hansson, who kindly allowed us to share it (thanks Magnus):

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