G-Major 2: Preset will not keep a specific parameter value at preset change


I have stored a user preset with some specific parameter values. When I recall the preset, the value I stored for a given parameter is different. Why?


This could occur if you have created your preset based on a factory preset that has a (P) in its title.

In these presets, an expression pedal has been assigned to one or several effect parameters. If you copy the preset and edit it, you have to remove the pedal assignments if they are not needed. Otherwise, at preset change and if the global  MOD Master parameter is set to MOD, the G-Major 2 will read the position of the pedal and set the corresponding value for the parameter. If you are not using an expression pedal, the parameter will be at its minimum value.

To remove the pedal assignment:

Press MOD and on parameter MOD01 press ENTER. You can then scroll through different parameters, Check if any of them has a "M1" set and remove it (set it to OFF) if you don't need your expression pedal to modify it, or if you do not use one.

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