G-Major 2: Routing in Serial 2 mode


When G-Major 2 routing  is in serial 2 mode, does the modulation block only function with the delay block? Or can it function independently from the delay block? For example if there is no delay in a preset, am I able to use the flanger? And if I want to have a delay with say a vibrato in the delay trails, can I also use a flanger or chorus simultaneously that is not affecting the delay trails?


When the Serial 2 routing is used, the whole modulation block is inserted in the delay path, and cannot be used independently. The modulation is only applied on delay repeats. So this routing should not be used if there is no delay active in the preset. 

Also, each block can only be used once in a preset. So if mod is used in the delay (routing = serial 2) it is not available as a separate effect block. 

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