G-Major 2: User preset backup between two units


I've had my G Major 2 for a number of years now and it is the mainstay of my live rig, I’ve just purchased another as a back up: is there an easy way to copy the patches & settings into the new machine else than using the editor?


 You can dump your preset directly from one unit to the other: NOte that both units should run version 1.02 (or 1.3 for the newer models without SPDIF) 

1. Connect the MIDI out of the first machine to the MIDI IN of the second .
2. Set MIDI channel to 1 on both machines (menu MIDI) .
3. On the sending machine, in the MIDI menu, go to Bulk dump parameter and press ENTER. Your user bank must be sent to the second G-Major 2.

Note that the system parameters cannot be copied from one unit to the other, so you should enter them manually.

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