G-Major / G-Major 2 / G-Force: Setting up the DMC Ground Control Pro to match effect block status


When I change presets on the G-Major / G-Force using the DMC Ground Control Pro, I would like that the status of switching buttons and their respective leds (for effect blocks)  match the new preset settings.


This is only one setting example for the DMC Ground Control PRO. It was kindly provided to us by Mr. Jeremy Smith. It also works with the G-Force:

  1. I followed the instructions in the manual to set up foot controller so that 4 buttons switch presets on/off, and 8 buttons operate individual effects. The issue is that the DMC does not respond to incoming CC changes, and so I needed to find another way to let the unit tell me which effect was "ON" when I change from preset to preset.
  2. Switch on a given preset using the DMC. let's say I choose your "right on the edge" combination. None of the leds glow red on the DMC despite the fact that the G-Major has turned Delay and Reverb both on.
  3. Turn ON these two effects on the DMC also - so that the status lights on the pedal board accurately reflect the true picture.
  4. Enter EDIT mode on the DMC, and scroll through the options menu until "GCX 1" appears. - at this point all the led's will have switched off again.
  5. Now, re-enable the effects that correspond to the preset in question. In our case, Delay and Reverb. The leds should light up.
  6. Exit EDIT mode and save.

The next time I select the "edge" preset on the pedal board, the Delay and Reverb buttons also light-up, and now I can always tell at a glance what's on and off, which is kind of important.

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