G-Major / G-Major 2 / G-System: Channel switching cable for Carvin amps


How do I assemble a cable to make the G-Major / G-Major 2 / G-System's relay switching work for my Carvin amp?


For Carvin combos and head using the FS22 footswitch
(Legacy VL100 head, Legacy VL212 combo, MTS3200 head, MTS3212 combo, Sx100D, Sx200D) :

Connect the switch out on the G-Major to the footswitch input on the amp with a TRS (stereo) jack - TRS (stereo) jack cable.
Relay2 will switch channels (as "Select" on the FS22 footswitch)
Relay1 will switch Reverb/Effects (as "Reverb/Effects" on the FS22 footswitch

For the Carvin Sx100 using 3 pin XLR footswitch plug : Please assemble a cable according to this schematic.

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