G-Major / G-Major 2: How to boost the output volume of a program via MIDI


Playing with a head-amp and using just one channel, can the G-Major boost up the output volume of each different program of the effect? I mean, I need a volume for the rhythm, and one (louder) for the solos. Can the G-Major do that, without touching the settings of the head-amp?


Yes that is possible. All our factory preset our programmed by default with a Preset output level of -6dB. By using the PresetBoost function, you will be able to boost the level by those 6dB.

You can attach a controller on your footpedal board to this. Go to the modifier section (MOD) and select Prset Boost. Choose "learn" and hit the switch on your foot controller that you want to use to control this function.

Now that switch should control the preset boost function.

This way you can boost your preset out level by 6dB. Make sure to program your user presets including a preset outlevel of -6dB, to ensure that the preset boost function will work with those as well.

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