G-Major / G-Major 2: How to set up MIDI controller to control a effect block in user preset


Can I assign a midi controller on an effect of a user-preset of the G-Major?

What I have found is the assignment of a controller which globally works (That means if I assign controller 10 to switch delay on and off it is assigned to all presets). What I want to do is assign midi controller 10 in preset one to switch delay on and off, and to assign the same controller to another preset to switch chorus on and off.

Is that possible?


Yes, it is possible, if you use the mix level of the block you want to switch, instead of using the DLY On/Off feature under the MOD menu. If you setup modifier 1 (M1) to respond to incoming CC 10, and then set the M1 to control DLY mix, CC values of 0 and 127 will act as an On/Off switch.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Press the MOD button, and set M1 to CC 10, or use the "Learn function".
  2. Push the dial (ENTER) to access the modifier connection menu.
  3. Scroll to DLY mix, and set it to M1.
  4. Push the dial to access the modifier response menu. Leave "MinOut" at 0%, set "MaxOut" to the maximum mix value you want on the delay block, e.g. 60%. Set MidOut to something in between, in this case 30%.
  5. Store the preset.

The input to the modifiers (pedal, CC 10, or anything to M1) is always a global setting, and does not change with the preset. However, the way that the modifier controls the preset (e.g. by controlling the DLY mix) is stored with each preset.

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