G-Major / G-Major 2: I can't get my G-Minor to change the user presets


I can't get my G-Minor to change the user presets in "Program Change Mode". It only changes the factory presets. How do I make this work?


In order to be able to switch between different user presets via MIDI using the G-Minor, the 'Prg Bank' option under MIDI/UTIL must be set to "user".

Please note that switching between the user and factory banks with the G-Minor is not possible, as this requires the MIDI controller device to be capable of sending bank select messages - which is not possible with the G-Minor.

The bottom line of this is: When using the G-Minor together with the G-Major, you have to choose to recall presets in either the factory bank or the user bank. If you do need to access factory presets as well as your user presets with the G-Minor, the workaround would be to store the desired factory presets to avaliable locations in the user bank.

Or, you may use the MIDI mapping facilities of the G-Major to create a "set list" for live use.

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