G-Major / G-Major 2: Placing Filter/Comp blocks before the Overdrive/Preamp


With the G-Major / G-Major 2, can I set up my effects in this way?

  1. Filter effects (wah / phaser);
  2. Compressor;
  3. Overdrive / preamp;
  4. EQ;
  5. Pitch shift, Tremolo, Reverb, etc.


Your routing description fits exactly with what the G-System offers, but this is not possible to do with the G-Major / G-Major 2, as the Filter and Comp block will be placed after the Preamp/Drive in the effect loop of the amp.

However, although your routing description is pretty common, using the Filters / Comp blocks in the loop of your amp can yield very good results in most cases, as long as the loop on your amp is a serial loop.

For more information on serial- and parallel effects loop, please refer to the three FAQ links below:

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