G-Major / G-Major 2: Updating the tuning indicators on MPX-R1 foot controller


Can my G-Major update the tuning indicators on my recently purchased Lexicon MPX-R1 midi footcontroller?

The MPX-R1 has a LED system similar to the G-Minor (in tune, too high, too low). It seems that it should be easy for the G-Major to send CC's or the like and have the MPX-R1 "catch" them in a manner similar to the G-Minor.


Unfortunately all MIDI foot controllers have a different approach to displaying tuner informations. Most of these pedal boards have been designed specifically to be used with a certain FX unit. Like Lexicon build the MPX-R1 to be used with their G1 & G2.

This means that some controls are product specific and that it would beĀ almost impossible for us to accomodate to all different boards on the market.

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