G-Natural: How to eliminate the risk of connecting to 48V phantom power


In smaller mixer units it is often not possible to switch 48 Volt phantom power for each channel separately. There is also a certain risk with big PAs to have 48 V phantom power by accident on the input channel. 

You explicitly warn several times that this could damage the G-natural unit. Please could you explain why and can you propose a sure way to connect the unit balanced to mixers without having the risk to destroy it because of phantom power ? 


The outputs of the G-Natural are balanced TRS jacks providing a LINE level. If they must be connected to a PA mixer, there are 2 options: 

  • Use the LINE inputs on the mixer that  are also on phone jacks 1/4". These inputs do not provide any phantom power, so there is no risk.
  • If you want to connect it to the XLR MIC inputs of a mixer or a stage box (for larger PA's), you will need to use a DI box. In this case the outputs of the G-Natural should be isolated from the phantom power by the DI box. 
  • The MIC thru output of the G-Natural simply  passes the MIC signal to the PA. There is no risk of damage if phantom power is fed to that output 

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