G-Natural: How to optimize the levels to get the best sound


What is the best method to get the best from my guitar through G-Natural? I am getting either a very low level sound or a lot of floor noise. 


  1. Set the input gain Correctly 
    1. If your guitar has a piezo output, connect it to Instrument input 
    2. Press LEVEL button 
    3. Go to Inst.Gain parameter - using the EDIT D button below the screen. 
    4. Strum the guitar at your loudest, and set the input gain there with the encoder (the knob) called Edit A below the screen : the Arrows must show up to the vertical line, but the 0 should not show up. If the "0" shows up while strumming, back up a bit the level.

      There is an explanation Page 20 in the manual as well.

      Note: The instrument input accepts signals from -6dBu to 18dBu which is good for guitars with on-board preamps. If your guitar has a passive pickup or If you cannot get to a comfortable level in the instrument input, you will need to use an external preamp - This is not a problem as you can still use the Line input if the level becomes too hot. But it should still be OK with the instrument input. 
  2. Set the output volume to MAX

    In this same menu, you have the VOLUME parameter - This parameter goes from -100 dB (minimum) to 0 dB (Maximum) 
    Make sure to set it to 0 dB - You can use any if the EDIT buttons (A,B, C) below the screen

  3. Output range

    The parameter Output Range sets the analog level of the unit in its output. This parameter is important to get the right level matching with the next device (amp, PA etc..) 

    In general, the value +2 dBu is used for an acoustic guitar amp, while +20 dBu is for a Line input on a professional FOH mixer - The values in between (+8 dBu or +14 dBu ) can be helpful for units of the same type in intermediary range (smaller PA mixers) 

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