G-System: Differences between the three versions


What are the differences between the "standard" silver G-System, the red Limited Edition and the iB-Modified version?


The two newer versions of the G-System are both based on the original silver version and have the same physical connections, buttons, screens, chassis etc. The red Limited Edition was the first upgraded G-System model we launched, and it differs from the original in the following ways:

Red Limited Edition

  • The anodized red color (obviously).
  • The Limited Edition has a completely redesigned 2nd generation analog circuit which gives a purer and more transparent tone, thereby preserving the sound of your guitar to a higher degree.
  • The Limited Edition features a Kill-Dry mode for use with parallel amp FX loops.
  • More effects: Doubler and Uni-Vibe sounds, as well as new reverbs.
  • 100 new presets.

Please note: the red Limited Edition has been discontinued because it was, a Limited Edition with only 300 units made. The Kill-Dry feature as well as the new FX types and presets have since been made available all G-System users via a firmware update and can be downloaded free of charge from the TC Electronic website. 

G-System iB-Modified

The G-System iB-Modified is the latest addition to the G-System family. FX and preset-wise there is no difference between this and the Limited Edition (or any other G-System that has been upgraded with the latest firmware updates). The main features in the iB-Modified are as follows:

  • The iB-Modified G-System features the ultimate 3rd generation input buffer modification, designed by Italian electronics guru Massimo Mantovani. By changing the analog input design (as opposed to the the silver version) as well as a number of components, a super transparent tone that offers loads of punch and a snappier response has been achieved.
  • It's black (obviously)!

All in all there are three different version of the G-System input circuit (the standard, Limited Edition and the iB-Modified versions respectively).

After the Limited Edition was discontinued, all standard G-Systems that were made got the 2nd generation input buffer version from the Limited Edition. Approximately six months later we introduced the iB-Modified version, and all G-Systems made after this have the 3rd generation input design from in the iB-Modified version.

Please refer to this FAQ for more information on how to identify each of the 3 silver G-System versions.

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