G-System: Programming switches to control amp channels independently from presets via MIDI


I programmed switches 15,16,17 to change via MIDI the 3 channels of my amp - a Carvin Legacy - ( 15 is cc 81, 16 is cc-82 and 17 is cc-83 ). Everything works as expected but I have to store in each presets which channel should be active at recall. I would like that the preset do not affect these 3 switches and let me have the control of the channel change. Is that possible?  


On G-System preset , the status of your MIDI CC's assigned to switches cannot be ignored at preset change. The preset always includes how your switches 15, 16 and 17 are when you store the preset (on or off) . In other words, the G-System cannot be used to integrate the control of your amp independently from presets. 

The idea is to always associate to each preset a specific channel. So the G-System preset is the center of the rig, and not the board itself.

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