Hall Of Fame Mini reverb: Predelay Short & Long


The Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb has no pre-delay switch. In the TonePrint editor there are both options. A delay setting for short pre-delay and another delay setting for long pre-delay. Which one is useful for the HOF Mini?


First of all, what is pre-delay?

You can use the pre-delay parameter to define a delay placed between the direct signal and the Reverb’s diffuse field. The pre-delay parameter can be used to keep the source material clear and undisturbed from the scattered diffuse field of the reverberation arriving shortly after. Carefully adjusting the pre-delay parameter makes a huge difference in the “clarity” of a mix.

The "PreDelayShort" parameter will directly delay the main reverb so that the reverb starts after the "PreDelayShort" delay time. It is part of early reflections, and works in conjunction with the parameter "Early" in the TonePrint editor. This parameter is actually the signal level for the "PreDelayShort".

Even if you turn the "Early" parameter to the minimum (i.e -24.5 dB) the "PreDelayShort" will still be heard in the main reverb but as if it were further behind the reverb. Try to play with both parameters: "Early" and "Reverb".

"Reverb" is the signal level of the main reverb.

"PreDelayShort" is the only mode available for the HOF Mini. So "PreDelayLong" parameter does not have any effect on the HOF Mini.

The "PreDelayLong" parameter is only applicable when the Pre-Delay switch on the pedal has been set to the “Long” setting. This is only available on the Hall Of Fame (standard size). You can use the PreDelayLong parameter to define a short Delay placed between the direct signal and the Reverb’s diffuse field. This keeps the source material clear and undisturbed from the scattered diffuse field of the Reverb, which arrives shortly after.

For further information, please see the user manual on page 21/22

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