Hall Of Fame Reverb: What to do if it doesn't work with a battery


My Hall Of Fame Reverb works fine with a power supply but does not work with battery. Does it have a problem?


There is no problem with your Hall Of Fame pedal.

The TonePrint series of pedals need a lot of current to power the device. We have found that if a battery drops below 8.5 volts under load that these pedals will not operate as intended. Typically a good quality battery like a Duracell or Energizer will offer about 3-4 hrs maximum. If you are using the pedal extensively, I would suggest you get a power supply to power the pedal. For a single pedal, I would recommend a Boss PSA120 or a Dunlop ECB003. These are wall power supplies. I do not like to recommend the "daisy chain" power adapters that just go from pedal to pedal to pedal as the shared ground can cause issues.

If you want to power several pedals, use a brick power supply which delivers several regulated and isolated power outputs. Voodoo Lab, T-Rex, Pedal Train come to mind but there are many other supplies available.

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