Hall of Fame vs Hall of Fame Mini vs T2


I am planning to buy one of your reverb pedals. I am wondering if the sound and quality are identical between the Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame Mini and the T2


Yes absolutely. Sound and quality are the same in the 3-pedal as they have the same AD/DA converter. This is a good quality converter that sounds really great.

Only the "factory" presets are different in the T2. It has different reverb sounds available through the reverb type selector. The only difference between the Hall Of Fame/T2 and the Hall Of Mini are:

  • The Mini is mono only. 
  • The Mini only has one knob, no reverb type selector on the pedal.
  • The Mini only uses a power supply, no batteries. 

Below are links to the pedals:

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame Mini

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