Harmony4 MassivePack requires authorization when starting Pro Tools


I have the MassivePack version of Harmony4. I have installed the latest version from your website, but when I start Pro Tools I get the message:
This version of Harmony4 requires authorization to run, but the authorization cannot be found on the installed iLok.

I already have an authorization for the plug-in; what's going on?


The Harmony4 TDM installer from our webpage, can only be used if you have an iLok authorisation for the full Harmony4 TDM version; it cannot be used when you have a Harmony4 TDM MassivePack iLok authorization.

Please get in touch with either your plug-in reseller or Digidesign to get the appropriate plug-in software installer for your Harmony4 MassivePack license.

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