Harmony4 PowerCore: MIDI control not working


I can't control Harmony 4 via MIDI. What can I do?


Please make sure you are using PowerCore software version 2.02 or higher as this adds support for the Harmony 4.

If you are using Harmony4 with Sonar, please refer to this FAQ.

There are several common reasons harmonies are not being produced when the plug-in shows input level:

  • Harmony Mute is enabled: disable it to hear harmonies.
  • A Notes or Chord preset is selected: make sure there is MIDI being sent through the correct path in the DAW program.
  • If MIDI is being sent, but there are still no harmonies, confirm that:
    • The MIDI channel for Harmony4 is matched to your track with MIDI information or -
    • The split point settings are allowing MIDI notes through

You can download the latest PowerCore software from this page.

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