How does Challenge / Response authorization work?

TC would like our users to use our software in a very comfortable way, without complications and troubles.

For certain TC Works legacy products, we use the Challenge / Response protection scheme from PACE, as it is easy to understand and commonly used. Just generate the challenge on your audio-system hard drive and contact us with your results.

We will quickly return with a response code, which will permanently authorize your computer. You don't have to worry about corrupted KeyDisks or dongles or about loosing a key because of a system crash! You can even reformat the HD without losing the authorization; just re-enter the response code after re-installation and you're all set.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

The following situation is an example; the dialogues may look different on your machine, but the procedure is exactly the same. 

  • Install the TC Works product on the hard drive you would like to use the software on. As the copy protection is permanent, please make sure that you are authorizing the correct computer.
  • Start the application or the plug-in. An authorization dialog will automatically come up. Read the text and hit the "NEXT" button. 
  • Choose the harddrive you would like to authorize. You can authorize all SCSI and IDE hard drives connected to the system. When you have selected the correct HD, please hit the 'NEXT' button.

    Please note that it is not possible to authorize external FireWire or USB hard drives.
  • Now you will get the CHALLENGE / RESPONSE screen. It shows you the valid challenge code for the selected hard drive. This challenge code is unique for every hard drive and cannot be used on another computer. 

    Please write down the challenge code exactly as it appears. Make sure there's no typo in any of the words as the code will not work.
  • Finally, press the Contact TC Support tab above, and provide the following information: 
    • The product serial number,
    • Your full name / address,
    • A valid challenge code.
  • Once we have your registration information, we will then get back to you with a valid 'response code' as quickly as possible. The 'response code' is the answer to you challenge and once entered, it will permanently authorize the hard drive.

    To enter the Response code, start the application or plug-in again and run through the authorization dialog. Step through the windows until you get the 'CHALLENGE / RESPONSE'.
  • Here you can enter the response code into the correct field below the challenge code. Hit the 'NEXT' button and check the last window. Close the authorization dialog and use the TC product as much as you want, and without limitations.

Additional information: it's possible that the challenge code may change. Should you receive a new challenge code, ignore it and simply enter the response code we sent to you. The response will work fine as long as you are authorizing the same hard drive.

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