How instances of Fabrik C and Fabrik R you can use simultaneously


How many instances of Fabrik C and Fabrik R can you run on the Konnekt 24D / Konnekt Live?


You can run:

  • Fabrik C:
    • With Konnekt 24D: 2 (mono) instances of Fabrik C, each tied to input channels 1 and 2 -- or -- 1 stereo Fabrik C, when input channels 1 and 2 are stereo linked.
    • With Konnekt Live, the same as above + the ability to run the Fabrik C as the master compressor on the output.
  • Fabrik R: 1 instance on both Konnekt 24D / Konnekt Live configured as a send/return effect, with its own return channel in the mixer, which allows it to be used on several channels simultaneously.

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