How to get support for your TC Electronic product

Before contacting us, please make a search using the search field - either the one on the front-page or the one to the right.

We have a large database of over 1000 FAQs covering a whole range of topics, and it is very likely your question is already answered there, so this should be the first step, if you need an answer immediately.

Search tips:

  • Don't search for the product name, as you will get a very long list of results or nothing at all, if the name is mistyped. Search for the issue you wish to find more information about; like "software update", "warranty" etc.
  • If you are more comfortable with Google, you can also do a custom search of our FAQs (adjust search terms to fit your query).
    If the link above doesn't work for you, to see our example, go to and enter the following search string: g-major 2 software update

Should you not find an answer or need further clarification, please click the link above to get in touch.

Thank you!
TC Electronic Support 

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