Konnekt: Bouncing / Exporting with Fabrik plugins


I am trying to bounce/export audio from my audio application but I am only getting distorted sound or no sound at all. What is the problem?


The Fabrik VST/AU plugins included with the Konnekt series of interfaces are running on the Konnekts DSP's. This means that you are essentially streaming audio in realtime to the DSP's and back. When bouncing/exporting faster than realtime this will not work. However, most audio applications have ways of getting around this. Here are a few examples:


  • Select the 'Realtime Export' function when exporting.



  • Select the 'Realtime' option when bouncing.


Ableton Live:

  • Create a stereo track.
  • Choose 'Resampling' as the track input
  • Record the entire project on this track
  • You can now solo that track and export/render it normally


These also apply when the Integrator is used.

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