Konnekt / Impact Twin / BMC-2: Which impedance for headphones?


What impedance should my headphone have for best listening results? 


The noise level on headphones depends on several parameters:

  • The impedance on the headphones. The higher impedance the more signal is send out from the Konnekt. 
  • Efficiency of the headphones.The higher efficiency the higher SPL level is played out in the headphones.
  • Typically headphones efficiency goes up as the impedance goes down.

Over the last decade more headphones are built to accommodate low voltage outputs like battery powered iPods, smartphones etc. These will be of lower impedance and will represent a risk of higher noise and distortion.

The Konnekt / BMC-2 headphone output is designed to be able to power headphones with a large impedance and efficiency range. The parameters taken into account are: 

  • Risk of sending out too high level for your ears on low impedance / high efficiency headphones 
  • Sending out too low signal on high impedance / low efficiency headphones 
  • Having minimal noise and distortion on all headphones types 
  • Having flat frequency response on all headphones types 
  • We have optimized our design for 32 to 600 Ohms

There may be headphones on the marked with impedance and efficiency different than the typical and they might behave slightly differently than described here.

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