Konnekt / Impact Twin: Support for Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks)


Are the TC Electronic audio interfaces compatible with Mavericks?


TCNear 3.2 is compatible with Mavericks. We have not been able to reproduce any streaming or other issues related to Mavericks with our test setups so far. 

There are however user reports with streaming or other issues when using TCNear 3.2 with Mavericks. We would like user with those issues to join the TC Audio Interface beta forum and install a special diagnostic tool so we are able to understand whats happening on those remote machines. Please join the beta group by submitting your beta participant request to konnektbeta@tcelectronic.comYou need a registered TC forum account! Provide your registered email address in the beta request! Once your request is granted, log-in and you can access the beta development resources at TC Audio Interface beta forum. Please install the diagnostic tool following the instructions at TDL Data Logging.

If you are already accepted in an earlier beta cycle you might still be able to directly access the
TC Audio Interface beta forum.

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