M300 / M350: How the dual engine design works


How does the M300 / M350 dual engine design work?


The true Dual Engine concept has dedicated controls for each engine, reachable directly from the front panel. This enables you to start working with the unit right out of the box.

For the reverb engine, PRE DELAY, DECAY, and COLOR controls are avaliable - and for the effects engine, 2 preselected parameters from each algorithm can be adjusted. This very simple operation enables any user to work with the M300 right out of the box - no menus, only buttons

Additionally front panel MIX and EFFECTS BALANCE knobs as well as a dedicated TAP button, allow you to set the balance between the different engines immediately.

You can use the device in a typical send/return setup with your mixing desk, or take the serial approach and place it in the loop of your guitar amp, for example.

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