M5000, ATAC & MULTAC: Installation guide and troubleshooting


How do I make a setup with two M5000s and an ATAC ?
How do I solder cables for the ATAC and the MULTAC ?


Please refer to the MULTAC Installation Guide attached below for details on multiple ATAC / M5000 / M5000X setups.
You will also find specification for cables in this document.


Symptoms: Couldn't detect any Mainframe:

Please check the fuse on the CPU board in the M5000 (fuse for the supply to the MULTAC).

  • Unplug the power cable,
  • Remove the top lid,
  • Locate the fuse (F1, 630mAT) near the Remote connector,
  • Check the fuse using a continuty tester (don't rely on visual check),
  • Replace the fuse if blown.

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