M5000: ROM preset 99 shows 'UNKNOWN'


After having upgraded upgraded my M5000 to the software version 3.55 I lose the sampler. I reinstalled some old software and the sampler came back, then reinstalled the new software and lost the sampler again.

It still has program # 99 , but for the algorithm it says "unknown" with the name "sampler" underneath it?


The sampling algorithm was removed in software version 3.55 for the older M5000 (ap1-v355.m5k for serial numbers lower than 283294). It was removed in order to have more space available to implement the ADA24/96 module.

If you don't have any ADA24/96 modules but need the sampler you should use version 3.53 for your M5000. You can download this version below. You will find the same features as in version 3.55 except for the support of the ADA24/96.


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