Master X3 for Pro Tools asks for re-authorization


When I launch Master X3 for Pro Tools HD under Mac OS X, I get the following error message:

This version of TC MASTER X3 requires authorization again in order for you to continue using it. Please press the "Authorize" button to begin the reauthorization process.

If I press "Authorise" a window comes up with the following error:

Operating System Error
An I/O error happened.
ID eOS : -36 / :329

My Master X3 is already authorised on my iLok - why do I need to re-authorise it?


This error is related to the iLok authorisation, and can occur if you have external harddrives are mounted in Mac OS X when you run the Installer. Please un-mount the drives in question, and re-run the installer for Master X3, then it should work fine.

The latest Master X3 installer can be downloaded from this page.

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