Mini Pedals plugging DC & USB at the same time


i have a problem with using DC and USB at the same time on my HOF Mini. The plastic part of the plugs is simply to thick. What can I do?


The first Mini series pedals have less space between USB and power socket. The first Mini pedals released were the Ditto Looper, the Hall Of Fame, the PolyTune Mini and the Spark Booster Mini. The Ditto Looper and the Hall Of Fame have less space between power and USB socket. The PolyTune and Spark Booster on which has no USB socket. We later released the Flashback Mini Delay, the Vortex Mini Flanger, the Shaker Mini Vibrato and the Corona Mini Chorus. All of these pedals have more space between power and USB sockets.

So why and how did this happen? It is not a production failure but the difference in the size of the pedal box itself. The Ditto Looper and the Hall Of Fame Mini have a lesser thickness. See the picture below:

From left to right: Shaker, Ditto, Corona.

By making a thicker box, the PCB into the pedal is higher as well as the USB attached on the PCB. This gave us more room to space the connectors.

In this case the easiest way to solve the issue is to use a thinner sockets both for power AND USB. 

Do you spot the difference?


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