Mini pedals: What kind of power supply do they require?


What kind of power supply does my mini pedal require?


The Mini series of guitar pedals can be powered using a supply that is 9 volts DC, with a center negative tip that supplies at least 100 mA (milliarps) of current. Please keep in mind you can use a supply with more current (amperage) as your pedal will only use the amount it requires for proper operation. Please also be sure outside of the barrel is 5mm and the inside is 2.1mm

This is not the same when it comes to voltage, using a voltage other than what is recommended can cause damage to your pedal or worse. 

As there are many different companies that manufacture power supplies that will work with our devices, we recommend checking with your local music retailer to see what is available and what may best suit your needs. 

Please note: we have found that if powering the Ditto Looper using a daisy chain style supply, you can sometimes encounter unexpected behavior. For this reason we highly recommend using an isolated (non daisy chaining) supply.

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