MojoMojo / Dark Matter / Röttweiler: Bass & Treble frequencies


Which are the frequencies for the "Bass" & "Treble" knobs?


The Bass and Treble knobs affect the following frequencies (as you can see, the Röttweiler differs from the other two):

MojoMojo Overdrive / Dark Matter Distortion:

  • Bass : 230Hz
  • Treble : 800 Hz

Röttweiler Distortion:

  • Bass : 400Hz
  • Treeble : 1,8kHz

The tone controls of these three pedals work in a common way. There is a center stop at the middle position of the knob. It means:

  • Active EQ controls. 
  • The EQ is neutral at the noon position. Turning them counter clockwise will attenuate the frequency. Turning them clockwise will boost the frequency of bass or treble. 

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