Native Bundle / SurroundVerb / FX Machine / Mercury-1: Windows XP freezes during install


During the installation of Native Bundle 2.02 or earlier, SurroundVerb, FXmachine or Mercury-1, Windows XP freezes or shows a black screen and reboots. How can this be fixed?


Note: Native Bundle 1.0/2.0 users should update to version 3.1. With version 3.1, this procedure is no longer required anymore. However as the Native Bundle is now discontinued, please get in touch with the TC Support Team.

For Windows XP, you need to update the tpkd.sys driver from PACE. Below you can find a tool to fix this issue.

  • Please download the PACE Interlok Driver installer from this page and unzip it with WinZip.
  • Run the extracted "Interlok Driver Kit.exe" program, which will update your system with the current tpkd.sys file.
  • Finally, reboot your computer. Now you're able to finish the installation process and to authorize your plug-in(s).

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