Nova Delay / Nova Reverb: DynaMix™ not working correctly


The DynaMix™ function on the Nova pedal does not seem to work. What could be the issue?


In order for this function to work correctly, the pedal needs to know the amount of input it is receiving. You will therefore need to calibrate the pedal:

  • Calibration of the input sensitivity should be done to the maximum expected input level. Therefore you should turn on boosters etc. that are placed prior to the Nova Reverb pedal in the signal chain.
  • Press, hold and release the ROOM button. The 5 LEDs in second row from the bottom is lit.
  • Play with the loudest* sound you use for a few seconds and watch some of the 5 LEDs turn off one by one. How many that are turned off, depend on the output of your guitar. When no further changes seem to appear the pedal is calibrated.
  • Press any key to exit.

The pedal is now calibrated, and DynaMix™ should work as intended.

* By “loudest” sound we mean the sound with the highest dynamic content. This is most likely a clean sound, as overdrive sounds by nature are compressed.

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