Nova Drive: Same overdrive/distortion circuits as the Dark Matter and MojoMojo?


I read somewhere that the MojoMojo pedal is the same as the overdrive section of Nova Drive, and the Dark Matter would be the distortion side of Nova Drive. Is this true?


No, this is not entirely accurate. The Nova Drive pedal contains the same overdrive/distortion sections as the Nova System, whereas the Dark Matter and the MojoMojo are two different products. One could argue that the MojoMojo sounds a bit similar to the overdrive section in the Nova Drive/Nova System, and that the Dark Matter sounds similar to the distortion in the Nova Drive/Nova System, but that has more to do with the type of overdrive/distortion the MojoMojo and Dark Matter produce (a bluesy, vintage type of OD/Dist sound, rather than a super high-gain modern metal sound) than any similarities in the way they are made.

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